100 MILES.


100 MILES.


A Running Challenge.

Creating Forever Families.

A Running Fundraiser

Creating Forever Families.


My wife and I decided to adopt in 2016. In 2017, we adopted our son Jaxon, and in 2018 we adopted our daughter Rosie. It wasn't until our first adoption that I realized how many kids are in need of adoptions and how expensive adoptions can be. I wanted to bridge the gap between the hundreds of thousands of kids needing adoptions and the many parents who would be good parents but don't have the means to pay for an adoption. So I created 100 Mile June in 2021 to bridge the gap.


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How to get involved
become a runner

Challenge yourself to run 100 miles throughout June, raising awareness and funds for adoptions. Friends and family can pledge a dollar or more per mile you run, supporting your efforts and the cause.


Make a direct donation today to contribute to the cause of facilitating adoptions and supporting families.

join the community

Connect with like-minded individuals by joining our Facebook group. Stay updated on the fundraiser, share your progress, and engage with others passionate about making a difference through running.


"Flourish Adoption Ministries became a nonprofit licensed child placing agency after following a calling placed on our hearts to fight against what has become the norm across the adoption realm. Couples who feel led to pursue a private adoption domestically are looking at an average price tag of $45,000, and that is heartbreaking. Flourish Adoption Ministries provides an affordable option with our average adoption right at $25,000. This past summer, the Lord began giving us a burden for not just adoptive families, but also the expectant families choosing life for their child through adoption. It is because of that burden that Flourish became a licensed agency, and is now looking to stop the orphan crisis, offer support to expectant mothers, while answering the call of adoption with waiting families ready to provide a safe and loving home for children. Will you partner with us as we raise money to help couples offset the burden of cost linked with adoption, offer support to expectant mothers, and allow more families to answer the call to bring a child into their home?"



Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to run outside?

No. You may run on a treadmill if you wish but it will not count towards the challenge in the app. The app just creates a fun competition.

Do I have to run 100 miles in one go?

While this would be impressive, the point is to run 100 miles in the month of June. This roughly equates to 3.33 miles per day. But if you're incredible enough to do it in 1 day, do it!

How do I raise money?

The point is to do something hard (like running 100 miles...), get people to pay attention by posting on social media, and using that attention to raise money for adoptions. While you are running, post on social media using the hashtag #100milejune and ask your followers to donate $1 per mile that you run.

How will the money be used?

The money goes towards making adoptions more affordable for families trying to adopt.

Do I have to donate money to participate?

While it is not mandatory, we do ask that you donate at least $1 per mile that you run ($100) towards the fund.

Do I have to run?

We need runners and donations! If you can't run or donate we ask that you share it on social media.